3 Easy Ancient Greek Recipes You Can Make Today

Continuing with the Ancient Greek theme, I came across several recipes while reading all these books about the food of the ancients Greeks, that looked quite familiar. When you look at these recipes, you would never think that they were “ancient”. In fact, they look very similar to recipes Greeks and others make today. So here are 3 Ancient Greek recipes (as described in the book The Classical Cookbook) that use ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen at this very moment, so try them out, they are for the most part healthy and easy. The ancient recipe: Lentil Soup Ingredients 1 cup dry lentils 2 small leeks sliced 1 bunch cilantro 1 ½ tsp dry mint Fresh ground black pepper Olive Oil Red wine Vinegar Boil on low heat 1 cup of dry lentils over low heat with enough water to cover them and 1 inch above. Add the leeks and the fresh coriander (cilantro). In a small bowl mix the mint, dry coriander and the black pepper, add to the soup. Let it simmer until the lentils are soft, add vinegar and olive oil to taste Similar to today’s: Greek Style lentil soup made with garlic, onion and tomato [...]

Yassou! Festival

yassou logo Yassou! FestivalLast weekend Yianni and I headed toward Grand Rapids Michigan to attend the Yassou! Greek Cultural Festival. Co-chairs Esther Caruso Koukios and David Darling did a fantastic job coordinating this wonderful weekend event at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Becky 768x1024 Yassou! Festival

My cousin Becky is featured here in this promo on WoodTV8.

I loved spending the weekend with my cousins Stathi and Georgia.Yassou 41 1024x768 Yassou! Festival

I’ve been to several Greek festivals but this one is definitely my favorite. The food was delicious. Look at all this souvlakia!
souvaklia 1024x495 Yassou! FestivalThe pastries were incredible. My favorite was the galaktoboureko, a semolina-based milk custard in phyllo.
Yassou 18 1024x768 Yassou! FestivalMusic was performed by The Levendes and the Greek dancers were adorable.
Yassou 30 1024x768 Yassou! FestivalYou should definitely plan on attending next year. Here’s a slideshow of my photos of Yassou! Enjoy!

Like it says on the Yassou! t-shirt: Eat! Dance! Be Greek!

συνταγές για την Καθαρά Δευτέρα: κούλουμα αλά Pandespani

H παράδοση δεν αναιρεί την πρωτοτυπία. Καμιά φορά γίνεται ενδιαφέρον, πέρα από νόστιμο, να εκπλήσσει κανείς ένα καθιερωμένο γιορταστικό τραπέζι με ιδέες δημιουργικές, ολίγον γκουρμέ και πρωτότυπες. Ανατρέχοντας σε προηγούμενες αναρτήσεις μας, διαλέξαμε μερικές συνταγές που ταιριάζουν στο μενού της Καθαράς Δευτέρας, επιπλέον μάλιστα δείχνουν ωραίες σερβιρισμένες σε πιατέλα και αν δεν καθαρίζουν ακριβώς σωματικά και [...]

Xerotigana my way (deep fried yeast dough)

Xerotigana, freely translated as simple fries, is mentioned in my cookbook together with the recipe for loukoumades.  Loukoumades is more complicated to make but so long as you have yeast this is a very simple recipe which is so easy to make.  I used fresh yeast but you can also use dried instant yeast  (9 [...]


Loukoumades (Greek doughnuts)


  • 500gr all purpose flour
  • 500gr lukewarm water
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 15gr dry yeast
  • olive oil for frying
  1. In a bowl, add the lukewarm water and dissolve the yeast.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well to make a watery dough, without lumps and leave at room temperature to rise.
  3. In a deep fryer add olive oil to heat up quite well and with the help of a spoon take a some of the dough and add it to the pan.
  4. Fry them for a while until they get golden brown.
  5. Put them on kitchen paper to remove the excess oil.
  6. Serve them warm with honey and some cinnamon (powder) on top.


Greek Supper Club 24 Oct

It’s been a busy time since my last blog, cooking on ITV, out-selling baklava and my feta cheese pies at Marylebone High Street’s Saturday market and bringing the first ever Greek cookery at Divertimenti’s Cookery School! At the same time my own Greek Cookery Class has been continuing as have my Supper Club!


My stall at Marylebone High Street market

My stall at Marylebone High Street market



Happy customer of mine eating home made dolmades

Happy customer eating my home made dolmades



Making loukoumades at Divertimenti Cookery School

Making loukoumades at Divertimenti Cookery School



Preparing for Greek Cookery Class at Divertimenti

Preparing for Greek Cookery Class at Divertimenti


Competing and cooking live on ITV’s Britain’s Best Dish was an amazing experience! And I’ll never forget Michelin starred chef John Burton Race saying my lagana bread is “absolutely first class” and the prawn dish I cooked  was “cooked to perfection!” Both of those dishes were included in my last Greek Foodlovers’ Supper Club last month.


John Burton Race and Greekfoodlover


Also Eating East has given my Greek supper club 4**** stars out of 5 in their review: http://www.eatingeast.co.uk/2010/09/22/greek-foodlovers-supper-club-2/ and Business Traveller US magazine lists both my Greek Supper Club and Greek Cookery Class among London’s top alternative dining places.

Next week I’ve got another Greek Cookery Class coming up and on 24th Oct another Greek Supper Club:


Starters: Lagana bread, tyrokauteri (spicy feta cheese dip), spanakopitta, cabbage leaf dolma with the legendary augolemono.

Main: Stifado with Greek mashed potatoes and salad.

Desserts: Baklava, mpougatsa with sweet flavour and a surprise.

All of this at the price of £35 per person and the portions are Greek i.e. generous!

For veg option or other dietary needs, request on booking.

Advanced payment only.

First come first served, so please book early to avoid disappointment!!

Book via: greekcookeryclass(AT)gmail.com

I also offer personalised gift vouchers if you want to give the supperclub as a present to your loved ones.

For pictures and info and to get a feel of what we’re up to visit:
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=183923&id=99478232600 to see our previous 38 classes and Greekfoodlovers’ Supper Clubs

So hoping to see you enjoy my Greek food on Oct 24th!

Λουκουμάδες με πορτοκάλι – καλειδοσκόπειο με μέλι

Από την μεριά της Πέρα Φαγητούπολης, οι συνοικίες είναι τεράστιες πιατέλες με λουκουμάδες. Κάθε συνοικία έχει το δικό της χρώμα και μέγεθος, γιατί καμιά πιατέλα δεν είναι ίδια με την άλλη και υπάρχουν όλα τα υλικά και τα σχήματα, όλοι οι πιθανοί συνδυσμοί της διαφορετικότητας σε όλες τις διαστάσεις, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της τέταρτης που είναι οι [...]


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