Home made marmalade

Home made marmalade

Home made Marmalade

I receive tons of Marmalade every year…

Greek mothers as always cannot leave their children no matter how old they are (30 going to 31) and for them they will always be 7 and in need for mothers care. I am sure that all of you have seen the movie “My big fat Greek wedding” so I don’t need to explain anything more.

My mother is more or less the same, even if I am 9 years in UK she still tries to find an opportunity to send me something that I can eat… Lately after a lot of fights she has settled in sending just Jam’s, lots of them.

Even if still I have to admit I don’t eat much of them in the morning (my brother does) they are really nice and tasty.  I always remember her fighting with my father whether it’s better to melt the fruits to create marmalades or eat them as they are. Anyhow, I have received any possible jam that I could imagine from any possible fruit that exists. Whatever my mom could find…she WILL make marmalade out of it…pack it…and send it to London.

So why not break down the recipe from my mother’s marmalade. I don’t think its anything that most of the people don’t know but it was and still is a basic thing of my Menu…


  • 1 kilo of apples
  •  sugar
  • Lemon juice from ½ lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick


  • Wash the apples,clean the skins, cut them and remove the center with the seeds. Cut them in really small cubes.
  • Then put  the apples in a bowl and let them boil until they become soft enough and in small pieces.
  • When they are soft enough add the sugar and the cinnamon stick and continue boiling them, stirring them from time to time.
  • Towards the end add the lemon juice. Ideally after some time of boiling you will start to realize your marmalade being thick enough and ready
  • In order to store your marmalade you should beforehand take some jars and put them into the oven where you should heat them for 15 minutes. Remove them while they are hot and be careful not to burn ourselves.
  • Add the marmalade while it is still how to the jars and leave them upside down to cool down. You can store them for months, and only put them to the fridge when you open them.



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